Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mother's Day Card Free Download

 I have another great FREE download for you! It's created from my own handwriting and now you can download it and use it for your own mom this coming Sunday. Free for a limited amount of time, download it now.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Virtual Mother's Day Shop!

Here is your one-stop for Mother's Day!  Browse and take a look, finding the perfect gift for your special lady!  Here are just a few great things that come to my mind about having a virtual shop this year-
1. you can look any time, day or night
2. place an order while you're watching tv
3. have it sent right to your door without the hassle of actually "shopping"
4. mom is happy!



Would you like to participate in our virtual shop? Send me an email!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mother's Day Free printable and more

First things first- I am teaching summer art classes and I'm so very excited! I've been wanting to teach art classes to kids for years. And to kick it off, I'm GIVING AWAY 1 FREE registration! Share this photo on facebook, pinterest, website, whatever (let me know where you've shared it) and you'll be entered to win, but there is only ONE more day before this ends, because I'm announcing the winner May 1st.  Click here to share the photo on facebook.

Now, on to Mother's Day! It's not very far away, but I am also posting a FREE PRINTABLE for you! Free for 1 week (until May 7. 2014), you can use this printable for your own personal use (no making money off of it). Enjoy!

Speaking of Mother's Day, check out these very unique soaps, with hidden jewelry inside. Very awesome and beautiful, with jewelry made by a fellow Etsy seller ForTheBabes. and... FREE SHIPPING!

Happy Spring everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pastel Wedding Inspiration

With Spring here and flowers starting to bloom, it's the perfect time to have a pastel wedding!  The subtle colors are common in springtime and around the Easter season, and invoke a sense of calm beauty.

clockwise from top left:
pastel cake
bike photo
bridesmaids dresses
balloon photo
wall decor
table setting

While almost any invitation can have its colors changed to pastels, these invitations are what made me think of springtime:

simple monogram
DIY watercolor

Triple Hearts
Lace Frame

Square Flourish Frame

Friday, March 14, 2014

Chrome Skyline Wedding Inspiration

Metallic weddings are becoming all the rage now, and silver (or chrome) is a lovely accent to any wedding color scheme.  Glitter and sparkle add charm and timelessness.

sources: (clockwise from top left)
-silver gift boxes
-skyline invitations by me
-skyline cake
-grey suit
-glitter tablecloth
-brooch bouquet
-glitter dress
-city wedding photograph

Another invitation that would go well with the glam of city weddings is this Art Deco wedding invitation:

Art Deco Wedding Invitation, RSVP, and info card

Friday, March 7, 2014

Mint Wedding Inspiration

Mint is a lovely pastel color or anytime of the year.  The subtle of the green is calming and serene.  Pair it with any number of pastel colors (pink, yellow) or a bolder color, like grey or navy.

sources (clockwise spiral from top left)
green veil
table setting
headpiece and veil

Because this color scheme is so versatile, there are so many great options.  Some invitations that I think would pair well with this inspiration board are:

Vintage Lace


Square Flourish

Salt Lake

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Shamrock Emerald Wedding Inspration

Shamrocks are the traditional symbol of the Holy Trinity, but even if you're not Irish or particularly religious, there is no denying the beauty of the emerald green that can be spotted in spring. Symbolizing new beginning and new growth, the shamrock is a perfect detail for a March wedding.

I was completely blown away by how many amazing St. Patrick's Day wedding ideas are out there! I couldn't come even close to fitting everything I wanted on this inspiration board, so make a quick Pinterest search and you'll see even more ideas!

Sources (clockwise spiral from top left)
moss ring holder
shamrock shoe rhinestones
green bridesmaid
edible shamrocks
emerald shoes
horse shoe
just married garland

While not a shamrock-themed invitation, this Lucky in Love suite is a perfect match.

Other invitations that would go well with a fresh, spring wedding are:

  Fresh leaves

Perfect Pear


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